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Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

The Department of Public Safety – Transportation, Parking, and Safety Systems, has partnered with ChargePoint to install electric vehicle charging stations around campus. The use of these stations is free for permit holders or visitors to campus who pay an hourly parking rate.

While there is no fee to use the stations, drivers must have an account with ChargePoint to connect their car to the chargers. It is free to create an account; payment information is not required to sign up.

Drivers who do not already have an account  to create one. New users do not need to enter payment information if they only plan on using the free charging stations on campus.

After an account has been created, drivers will have the option to connect their vehicles using the ChargePoint app or they can request an access card be mailed to them at no cost.

Each charging station can charge up to two vehicles at once. The current charging locations are as follows:

  • Brady Garage: four chargers
  • Lincoln Garage: two chargers
  • Yanke Family Research Park: one charger
  • Bronco Circle: one charger (Specific to campus visitors; this is the only station where users are required to pay for charging. The cost is $0.10 per kilowatt hour in addition to the hourly parking fee.)

Electric vehicle users are kindly asked to please only use the parking spots in front of the charging stations for active charging. Those drivers who use the ChargePoint app can receive a notification when their vehicle has completed charging and the vehicle can be moved to another location.

Charging Stations Map